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Piano Tunings, Toning, and Regulation

There are two main aspects of piano maintenance which should be carried out on a regular basis to keep your piano performing to its optimum; Tuning and Servicing.  Keeping the instrument tuned on a regular basis will ensure stability in the instrument, will keep the instrument sounding pleasant for longer, and in most cases is recommended every 6 months.  However, from time to time it is also worth having your piano serviced.  This could involve regulating, which makes the instrument more responsive and more enjoyable to play, and/or toning, which enhances the musical tone of the piano when it is in tune.

What Service Do I Need?

For the most part, all you will need is to have your piano tuned.  If this is the first time a technician has visited the instrument, we suggest getting it tuned as a good starting point.  Servicing offers a more refined experience from your instrument.  Depending on your individual requirements, this could be anything from regulating, which makes the action smooth and reduces unwanted rattles in the action, to voicing and toning, giving the instrument a brighter or more mellow sound.  We are always ready to listen to what you want from your piano, and can tailor our services to suit.